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Morse High School Class of 1981
Morse High Class of 81
Senior Class Officers- Linda MacDonald,Secretary; Patrick Burns,Vice President; Cathy Sciascia,Treasurer; James London, President
Class Most- Athletic James Rouillard, Debbie Francis
Class Most- Flirt Stacy Snow, Gary Brown
Class Most- Personality Jeffrey McInnis, Christine Stinson
Class Most- Gifted Steve Haggett, Elaine Hixson
Class Most- Cutest and Sweetest Mike Durgan, Heather Mitchell
Class Most- Best Actor / Actress Rick Bisson, Christine Stinson
Class Most- Trustworthy Jay-Lynn Cheetham, Jim London, Kim P. Madden
Class Most- Quietest Mary Lister, Darren Surace
Class Most- Likely to Succeed Pat Burns, Anne Volmer
Class Most- Class Brownie David McCurdy, Karen Anderson
Class Most- Wit John Green, Lisa Elwell
Class Most- Scholarly Sandra Rodriques, Joe Walker
Class Most- School Spirit Rick Bisson, D.D. Tipsword, David McCurdy
Class of 81 Homecoming
Homecoming Queen: Carol Emerson, Susan Thibodeau "Queen", Caroline Marchetti
Homecoming Game Morse vs Winslow
Homecoming Class of 81
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